Meet Hadidah, N.D., Spiritual Midwife, Master Herbalist, Doula, Life  & FoundHer of This Red Tent


   Hadidah, the FoundHer of This Red Tent, organized her first Red Tent meeting in October of 2015. The group started out as a small and intimate group of her closest friends. She got the idea of starting her own group after watching the movie "The Red Tent". At the time that Hadidah began the group she did not know where her idea was headed, she just knew that the concept of the Red Tent was one that was still needed in today's society. In fact, it was needed more now than it was needed in the past. 

   Hadidah has always had a passion for working with and helping women. Her passion for community outreach began in her childhood when she accompanied her parents while feeding the homeless and later continued the act thru her own outreach programs. Hadidah developed a support group for women in the community who were homeless, most of which had young children. The women would meet several times throughout the month at her small shop in West Philadelphia. From this experience, Hadidah began to promote what she likes to call "authentic sisterhood". Authentic sisterhood is the concept that all sisters are equal, regardless of your financial status or religious orientation, because she realized it was important for women to feel special, important, honored, supported and encouraged regardless of how much they physically had. Authentic sisterhood built trust and emotional strength/ support between women who did not know each other prior to meeting at the events, which is essential in getting women to remove the emotional wall that so many put up against other women to prevent themselves from being hurt. The removal of this "wall" is the key to building self-sustaining communities built on the foundation of strong bonds between women and financial stability.

   Today, Hadidah continues her community outreach by feeding the homeless, holding monthly Red Tent meetings, teaching weekly Muslimah classes for women who are new converts to Islam, life path coaching, providing jobs for Asiatic young women and single mothers, holding networking meetups and training for young entrepreneurs and much more!


About This Red Tent

   This Red Tent is a sacred community that was started for women to gather the New & Full Moon of every month to discuss the women's mysteries. In the past, women would meet in a specific place the New Moon of each month and congregated during their menstrual cycle, when birthing children, when discussing how to improve their communities, when creating peace treaties between tribes at war... The Red Tent was "the woman cave". 

   Since the Red Tent was a place that only women congregated during their menstrual cycles, there was also a level of secrecy that existed in the Red Tent. Young girls who have not yet transitioned into womanhood via their menstrual would wait with anticipation to be inducted into the Red Tent. The concept of the Red Tent being sacred space was projected by the women who attended the tent meetings, but was also viewed as sacred by the community children and the mates of the women involved.

   Our mission in This Red Tent is to recreate a sacred space for women to come and be free to be vulnerable, emotional, and themselves. In This Red Tent we teach young girls what a woman is from puberty, we honor the feminine and the power of the womb to manifest and create life as well as our desires, we teach and practice love of self and of your sisters, and we remove the negative stigma placed on the menstrual cycle by society all while encouraging women to be comfortable in their own skin; loving themselves exactly as they are. So please, come in and join us in This Red Tent. We are looking for strong, powerful and positive women just like you!