Expecting Moms

Are you an expecting mom? Then we have some GOOD NEWS! Below you will find an array of products to assist you from the time you become pregnant to the day you birth your bundle of joy!

Herbal Products for the Expecting Mom

This Red Tent has a large selection of Natural and herbal products that are baby-friendly and safe to use while you are expecting. All of our products are plant based, contain babay safe herbs and are meant to help you have an easier pregnancy and child birth.

Helpful Books for Expecting Moms

This Red Tent has a list of books that we suggest for expecting moms, whether you  have already had children or if you are a first time mom. You can find the list of books in our storefront available for purchase.

Bags, Carriers, Nursing covers & Rebozos for Expecting Moms

This Red Tent has a large selection of "MommyMates", the perfect baby bag, breast feeding coverup for modesty while in public, baby carriers and Rebozos for moms on the go or simply relaxing at home. All of our products are hand crafted inhouse and stitched with love by your sisters at This Red Tent.

Post-partum cloth pads, diva cups and herbal-infused cloth pads

This Red Tent provides an array of cloth pads with several thickness variations, and herbally infused pads to help sooth you "moota" after giving birth. Our herbally infused pads have a space to insert herbs that when in contact with your body heat activates and provides continuous relief to your moota. We also carry diva cups which are convenient for the mom who has a special occasion to attend or those who don't want to wear a bulky pad.

Our breastfeeding pads provide full nipple coverage and prevent you from leaking through your clothes while relaxing at home, in between nursing periods and while on the go.