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Beyond Basic Home Health Care 

This Red Tent provides one-on-one specialized geriatric care in the Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties; New Jersey and Delaware. All of our aids are certified HHA's (Home Health Aides) or CNA's (Certified Nurses Assistants) who receive additional quality-controlled training specific to TRT's standards. TRT also provides our aides with in-depth religion-based training so that we can provide services for your family member with their comfort in mind. We value all faiths and want to make sure that our aides are honoring your families religious beliefs while caring for your loved one. Our sensitivity to our client's religious beliefs and extensive religion based training is what makes TRT stand out from every other Home Health Care Agency. We pride ourselves in providing reliable, convenient, cost-effective, state of the art services to all of our clients, regardless of age, race, disability, financial status or religious orientation. If you are looking for the perfect agency to provide services to your family, contact us today so we can help you to manage the care of your loved one because we know first hand how important it is for your family member to receive the quality care they need and deserve..

"Healing Wholistically": Treating Dis-ease with Naturopathic Modalities

Hadidah has studied Naturopathic medicine and wholistic healing modalties for over 7 years. Her love for natural medicine and the use of herbs, crystals, energy work, massage and spiritual pratices to help aid her clients in the healing of their own bodies began with her diagnoses of Hypo-thyroidism. Before the diagnoses of Hypothyroidism, Hadidah was studying to become a Neuro-surgeon and had all of her backround training in Traditional Western Medicine and attended Drexel University for Bio Pre-Med. After being faced with her diagnoses, Hadidah began to change her view of what healing really was, and in 2017 created the "Healing Wholistically" movement where she uses her background knowledge of Traditional Western Medicine and her Naturopathic Doctrates to create the perfect combinaion of helping patients to wholistically heal their entire dis-ease rather than treat the symptoms being put forth in the body. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a dis-ease and you are looking for help in managing your dis-ease or are interested in getting a free consultation to see how TRT can better assist you in healing, contact us today! If you are a Naturopathic "healer" or have completed studies in traditional medicine and would like to work with TRT, please click here!

Herbal Medicine