Let me guess... you've been thinking about starting your own business and having time to do the things your current or previous job has been preventing you from doing. Perhaps you've even been sitting there picturing yourself on your dream vacation soaking up the sun which was made possible via your newly launched business. Oh, and I can't forget the fact that you've been spending hours searching the internet like crazy for startup tips, tricks and even the steps to take to launch your own business. Thank God for Google! Well, you've come to the right place! You landing on this site, on this specific day, at this time, is no coincidence. Everything in the Universe has perfectly aligned and I want you to take note of today's date because this is the the first day of the new and accomplished entrepreneur you! 


     This Red Tent Inc. (TRT) is excited about helping Sista-preneurs launch/ advance their businesses. We believe if we just help one woman like you, not only successfully start but grow her business, that we can dynamically change the economic status of communities all over the world by placing women on a level playing field with their peer male business owners. For every woman that lucratively operates her business, we help to create another stable home that does not need government assistance to manage her home. That

sista-preneur becomes another contributor to our mission of creating self sustaining communities. So, as you can see, your success for TRT, is not about giving you some information that you've already found on Google and sending you on your way. Your success is a massive piece of the "humanity puzzle". If you want to find out how you can successfully launch/ grow your business, and financially benefit from our services, scroll down to see what plan best fits your needs!

Private Coaching Services

Which Plan Fits Your Needs?

  • The Google-er

    Every month
    Your totally new to being an entrepreneur.
    • Business Start-up includes:
    • -Create Business Name
    • -Federal Tax ID (EIN)
    • -State Tax ID
    • -Register Business Name
    • -Licenses/ Permits
    • - Help establishing Bank Account
    • Business Strategy to help with attracting customers
    • Help w/ Finding Business Funding
    • Monthly Newsletter for the life of your subscription
    • Become a member of the "Sista-preneur" Membership
    • -Customized webpage for business on TRT's websites
    • -Advertisement on social media & LIVE shop party access
    • Weekly 1-hour 1-on-1 private business coaching
  • Best Value

    The Visionary

    Every month
    You have a vision you just need help implementing it!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Assistance Finding Business Funding
    • Product/ Service Concept Development includes:
    • -Create Product Concept/ Idea
    • -Create Product/ Service Production Plan
    • -Project Monthly Income/ Expenses via Market Research
    • -Product Launch Plan
    • Website Development (additional discounted fee)
    • Grand Opening Plan/ Launch Business
    • D & B Number
    • Custom Business Credit Plan
    • Become a member of the Sista-preneur Membership
    • -Access to LIVE shop parties & soc. media advertisement
    • -Customized webpage on TRT's websites
    • Weekly 1.5-hours of private 1-on-1 business coaching
  • The Launcher

    Every month
    Let's get the doors to your business open!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Website Development (if needed)
    • Product/ Service Development (if needed)
    • Business Funding Help
    • Custom Marketing Plan to rapidly grow business in 1 year
    • D&B Number
    • Custom Business Credit Planning/ Profile
    • Business Credit monitoring
    • 1 year of TRT Sista-preneur Membership
    • -3 hours of weekly 1-on-1 private business coaching
    • -Monthly Business Development live chat w/ other members
    • -24/7/365 Business Support via email
    • Business virtual office set-up
    • -Business address (Suite # @ The Business District)
    • -Toll-free 1800 number extension @ The Business District
    • -Fax number and mobile service
    • 5 year strategy for business development

Ala Carte' Business Services

There are some services that are available to you through This Red Tent's Business Development Services but they are not included in the private coaching packages listed above. You can individually pick any business service you would like help with. Your participation as a private coaching client is not necessary for you to take advantage of the private coaching services that are available.

Website Development Packages

Basic Web Design

(no e-commerce platform)

1 web design revision included in the package


Advance Web Design

(e-commerce store & booking included)

2 web design revisions included in package


Corporate Web Design

(e-commerce, booking, pic gallery included)

3 web design revisions included in package


Other Services

12-month Calendar/ Productivity Flow Chart

Business Plan

Credit Monitoring (Personal & Business)