After the birth of your baby, you deserve to fully enjoy motherhood. But sometimes after giving birth the emotions of being a new mother can be overwhelming. Everybody is giving their opinion on how you should parent your new bundle of joy and they don't realize that what you need more than a bunch of advise, is support. Support, encouragement and most of all a chance to heal your body and get adjusted to having a new addition to your family. 


     Well thankfully, This Red Tent understands EXACTLY the process of passing from the "Maiden into the Mother". We have developed a support network for new or expecting moms who just need a little support and encouragement, and possibly even a sister's shoulder to cry or lean on. The road of pregnancy and birth should not be walked alone and neither should the road of motherhood!


    Join This Red Tent today and receive the support you need on your DIVINELY ORCHESTRATED journey of Motherhood!