Yoni Love Herbals @ This Red Tent specializes in helping women to manifest the life that they desire using the ancient practice of yoni steaming and womb meditation to amplify the manifestation power of their womb! Come to our retreat and learn how to RELEASE the trauma/ baggage you've been carrying, REVIVE your spirit, and REBIRTH yourself into the grounded, powerful, and transformed Queen that you are!

   This Red Tent is hosting a 3-day Spring retreat in 6 CITIES around the U.S. where women can gather to renew their spirits and their intentions during the Spring New Year. As women, we carry the memories and experiences of our entire lives in our wombs. It’s not until we start to do the healing work that we can begin to shed the layers, the energetic blockages, and the physical ailments that hinder us from manifesting all of our desires. And YONI STEAMING can help you to do just that!

   During our retreat, we will learn how to use the ancient practice of yoni steaming to heal common ailments, "Wombversation" techniques, group visualization and meditation circles, talks on sacred sexuality and orgasm, and loads of other juicy topics surrounding women's health. Your ticket price includes 2 yoni steaming sessions, a 30-minute massage on Saturday, meals each day of the retreat (vegan options will be provided), a yoni egg, a "Goddess Giftbox", entrance into the midnight moonlight meditation, and workshop materials.

Long gone are the days when we have to carry the trauma we have experienced throughout life in our wombs. Come and join us for 3 days of healing and transformation with the ladies of This Red Tent!


Spring Tour 2022 will be happening in 3 cities around the US and hopefully in a city near you! To register, click the link below...

ATLANTA, GA: March 25th- 27th

CLICK HERE to register for Spring Tour 2022 in Atlanta, GA.

HOUSTON, TX: April 1st- 3rd

CLICK HERE to register for Spring Tour 2022 in Houston, TX.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: April 15th- 17th

CLICK HERE to register for Spring Tour 2022 in Philadelphia, Pa.