Virtual Mailboxes & Mail Forwarding Services

Starting and running a business in 2022 while we are amidst a global pandemic is difficult enough.

Why should you have to worry about keeping up with your mail also?

Let The Business District @ This Red Tent handle all of your commercial mail needs!

Why The Business District @ This Red Tent?

   The Business District @ This Red Tent is a professionally owned and managed mail processing and sorting service located right outside of Philadelphia Pa. We offer all of our customer's top notch mail management services that include mail scanning and forwarding via email, mail forwarding services, virtual and physical mailbox services with your personalized suite address, and the convenience of being able to run a business from the comfort of your home with the efficiency of a commercial address.

What types of businesses work best with The Business District @ This Red Tent?

   The Business District provides mail services to all business entities. Whether you have registered your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, or Benefit-Corporation, we can service you! The Business District @ This Red Tent is committed to helping business owners who have just launched or who are looking to upgrade their business, to establish themselves confidently in the business industry.

   Our CEO, Hadidah Willaims, has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and has helped business owners of all sizes to launch, develop and run their businesses as a one-stop-shop Business Development Center. Stop putting off the launch of your business because you "Don't look professional enough" and join the countless entrepreneurs who have utilized the expertise of The Business District to launch their business and take care of their mail processing services! Interested in our Business Development Services? CLICK HERE to find out how we can help you take your business to the next level!

How it works...

The Business District @ This Red Tent offers 2 options for mail processing services. Customers have the option to have a virtual mailbox that is only used for advertising purposes or a physical mailbox that comes with additional virtual mail processing capabilities. We understand that every business' needs are different so we want to make sure we are able to accommodate our customer's specific needs. If you are in need of a service that is not mentioned below, please feel free to message Hadidah Williams at

Virtual Mailboxes 

If your business needs a "mailbox" for advertising purposes only, perhaps to use on your website, business cards, or other printouts, you can utilize the address of The Business District @ This Red Tent and you will be assigned a "suite number" that will identify your business for marketing purposes. This service is $45/ month and comes with a variety of benefits such as:

  • Physical address designation for your business with a personalized "suite number"

  • Documents forwarding in PDF form if needed via email

  • Fax services for legal documents, government documents, and B2B  OR C2B correspondences

 For more information, please email Hadidah Williams at

Physical Mailboxes w/ Virtual Mailbox Options

Most of our customers utilize the physical mailbox option. This option gives you all of the benefits of a physical mailbox as well as virtual forwarding capabilities. Businesses who would like physical mailbox services will get:

  • A physical mailbox and personalized suite number.

  • Virtual mail forwarding services that forward documents in PDF form via email if needed.

  • Mail forwarding services to the address of your choice on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. *An additional fee will be applied for mail forwarding services.

  • Fax services for legal documents, government documents, and B2B or C2B correspondences as needed.

If you would like your business' documents to be forwarded immediately, all mail can be forwarded on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. There is a $2 additional fee + the cost of postage for all forwarded mail services. This fee is applied each time the mail forwarding service is utilized regardless of the frequency.

Paying For Your Mailbox Services